Jul 08, 2018 collaboration meeting

Xichang, China

The second PIRE-GEMADARC collaboration meeting will be held in Xichang, China, July 8-10, 2018.


The meeting is now open for registration.

The registration fee for both the collaboration meeting and the summer school can be paid online through this link. This is the recommended method. If for some reason you have to pay on the spot by cash or check, it will take some time for you to get an official receipt for your reimbursement.


Participants should apply for L visa (tourist visa) via their local Chinese embassy or consulate by providing their ordinary passport, visa application form, and other required documents. General information can be found on the Chinese embassy website. For US citizen, please follow instructions on this page.

If your institute representative is not assisting you with your visa application process, please fill this form and send it to the organizer together with a photo copy of the name page of your passport so that we can draft the invitation letter for you accordingly. If you have been taken care of, there is no need to submit the materials twice. Please note that these materials have to be submitted before March 31. Otherwise, you may not get an invitation letter in time. In that case, you can still use your hotel and flight booking information instead of the invitation letter in your visa application. But We recommend you to use the invitatation letter. It will help when you pass the custom as well.

Some instructions on filling the form:


We are going to stay in a hotel by the beautify Qionghai Lake. You don’t have to book the room by yourself as long as you register the conference. The address is: No. 115 Binghai Zhong Lu, Xichang, Liangshan, Sichuan, Email: qhbg@vip.163.com, Tel: 0834-3953170.

Flight information

http://english.ctrip.com is a popular website in China to book flights. On July 7, 2018, you have the following options to arrive in Xichang airport (XIC):

You can choose your international flights to arrive in BJS, SHA, CAN, CTU, and KMG accordingly. The listed ticket price is the current price. It may go up or down. It is only for your reference.

Code of Conduct

We adopt the Code of Conduct for APS Meetings for our collaboration meetings. Please make sure that you are familiar with the rules before joining our meetings.